Levine Childrens Hospital – Members make pillow cases and they are collected throughout the year and taken to the hospital once a year.

In 2022 240 pillowcases were delivered. I know we have well over 300 for 2023.

Donation quilts: Foster Children, Hospice, Oncology

In 2022 we delivered 89 quilts to those in need.

In addition we have members making Prayer Shawls, hats for newborns and our 4 legged friends are never far from our hearts. Countless crate pads have been made. You are welcome to join us in anyway you can, sewing, knitting or we are glad to accept donations.

This is a list of basic sizes for anyone interested in contributing to our projects. Remember this is only a guideline. We don’t have strict rules on sizes, shapes or colors.

Cut 28 in for base
Cut 9 in for cuff
Add the extra trim if you want, this is hard for a lot of people so I don’t add it
Two similar videos if you need some help.

General Sizes for Quilts:
You are welcome to make larger quilts for Foster children and I will deliver them to our Cleveland County resources. Usually up to Twin works.

Baby 30-45in x 40-55in
Crib 35-50 in x 45-60 in

Lap 45-60 in x 65-76 in

Oncology Lap Quilt:
45-60 in x 65-76 in

Twin Hospice:
54-68 in x 84-100 in

Kennel Mats for Dogs all sizes but generally:
18 X24: 27×33: 34×40; 24X30,33X47: 28X45: 22X46: 39X52: 21X27
I like to take 1 1/2 yds of 60in fleece, fold in half and stitch around. Put any batting you have inside. This will end up about 26 x 30 more or less. You have some seems of course. Make sure there are no free threads for animals to pull out. Shelters will wash these in special soap so no need to prewash.

Knit/Crochet Hats for Newborns
Newborn crochet hats are usually 5-5.5 inches long and have a crown width of 4-4.5 inches. The hat circumference differs for each baby, but newborns to 3-month-olds generally have a hat circumference of 13-14 inches.

Knit/Crochet Prayer Shawls
Lap quilt size

Here are pictures of some of the quilts delivered to Oncology and Foster Children the end of August.